Tear Staining Case Study: Tris-Ophtho Wipes
September 2014

A 7 year-old female spayed poodle presented for an annual exam. On examination, she had significant tear staining, moderate dental disease and a grade 3/6 left sided heart murmur.

Based upon the examination, blood work was performed and a referral to a cardiologist was recommended. A dental cleaning was recommend based upon the blood work results and the cardiology consultation. A schirmer tear test and fluroscein stain were also performed and both within normal limits.

DermaZoo’s Tris-Ophtho Wipes were dispensed. The hair around her eyes was clipped by a groomer and then the owner wiped the peri-ocular region of both eyes in a circular motion away from the eyes once daily.

The owner reported significant improvement after using the wipes for several weeks.