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TrisDent® Dental Products are a unique combined dental formulation of Tromethamine, Edta and Chlorhexidine providing antibacterial action, plaque and calculus prevention.

Dental Disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in both adult dogs and cats.

Chronic dental disease can cause more problems than tooth pain and bad breath. It is also associated with damage to our pets’ internal organs.

The key to management of dental disease is prevention through routine dental care. Excellent oral health can be maintained with a consistent oral hygiene regimen using the many variations of TrisDent® Products: TrisDent® Water AdditiveTrisDent® Oral RinseTrisDent® Gel, TrisDent® Wipes and the new TrisDent® Treats in a 8 oz/12 count pouch and a 1 lb/24 ct pouch (treats do not contain chlorhexidine).

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate.

CONTAINS: Tromethamine (Tris), Edetate Disodium Dihydrate (Edta), buffered with Tromethamine HCL in deionized water.

TrisDent Dental Products are Xylitol free. Made with no animal protein.

INDICATIONS: TrisDent® Products are an appealing, beef-flavored, patent-pending combination of tromethamine, edetate disodium dihydrate and 0.12% chlorhexidine gluconate. These three oral hygiene compounds help to control plaque without brushing, as well as to reduce the calcification of plaque to calculus.

Tris-Edta: May inhibit plaque by helping to block its mineralization to calculus through chelating minerals.

  • Antibacterial activity

Chlorhexidine is believed to be the most effective chemical anti-plaque agent available.1,2

Chlorhexidine and Tris-Edta’s attributes are particularly important in preventing dental disease. Dental disease begins when oral bacteria produce plaque. Minerals in the saliva harden the plaque into dental calculus or tartar, which firmly attaches to the teeth. Plaque and calculus can spread under the gum line causing gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (loss of bone and soft tissue around the teeth) and bacteria can then enter the bloodstream causing damage to our pets’ internal organs.

Gel ideal for brushing.  Easy to Use. Wipes, Water Additive and Rinse all ideal for pet owners who are unable to brush their cat’s or dog’s teeth.

Available in 16 oz. Water Additive, 8 oz. Rinse, 25 ct. Wipe and 2 oz. Gel and Chew.

Dental Disease article by Dr. Melman Bhatia

TrisDent Treats Bulletin (PDF)

TrisDent Dental Bulletin (PDF)

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