DermaFlush Saline

DermaFlush SalineDermaFlushTM Premixed Saline Packets – an economic, convenient and easy-to-travel form of saline when added to water.

INGREDIENTS: Premixed Saline Packets: Sodium Chloride, Boric Acid.

• Soothing

• Preservative free

• Iodine free

• Isotonic solution or hypertonic solution

• Reduces edema

• Draws out mucous and debris

• For small, exotic and large animal practice

INDICATIONS: Use anywhere a saline flush may be beneficial, including ears, sinuses, wounds and external surgery.

Using DermaFlush with the Earigator

Wound Flush: If using the Earigator, clean and flush the unit and the tubing with a mild bleach solution and water prior to use. Cut the tip off the catheter tipped end of a 10 – 12 Fr red rubber catheter to fit the trumpet valve nipple. Then fill the Earigator flush bottle with a saline solution made with DermaFlush. The catheter can be used to snake under the skin and into loose skin or muscle tissue or abscesses and fistulated areas with fluid under pressure provided by the Earigator.

Ear Flush: DermaFlush can be used to flush ears. It can be used in the Earigator to flush ears while the patient is under sedation. It is gentle and non-irritating.

Nasal Flush: Nasal flushing may be helpful in cases of chronic nasal discharge. Sedate the patient and flush the sinus area with hypertonic saline. This helps reduce edema and gently removes debris and discharge from the sinuses.

Available in boxes of single use packets.

Download the DermaFlush Premixed Saline Packets Bulletin (PDF)

Download the DermaZoo Dermatology Bulletin (PDF)