Dr. Steven Melman, VMD, Founder
Dr. Steven Melman is an internationally known expert on veterinary dermatology. He is a second generation veterinarian as his father, Harold Melman, graduated from Texas A&M Veterinary School in 1943. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in 1973 and his daughter, Jessica Melman Bhatia followed in both their paths to become a third generation veterinarian, graduating from University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in 2003. He did his dermatology clinical training at the University of Illinois under Dr. Erwin Small, comparative training at the Washington Hospital Center and the National Institutes of Health and pathology training at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

In 1991 he founded DermaPet, a veterinary pharmaceutical company,  and worked as the CEO until its sale to Dechra Veterinary Services in 2010. He then Bought Medrx in 2010 and named it OtoPet. OtoPet produces veterinary imaging equipment. He then started DermaZoo in 2013. DermaZoo is a veterinary pharmaceutical company that produces a line of all-natural and medicated, environmentally sensitive pet dermatological products that include shampoos, conditioners, ear products, vitamins and food supplements.

He is also a writer and lecturer who has operated both general practice and referral veterinary dermatology and psychiatry practices in California and the suburbs of Washington, DC. His book Skin Diseases of Dogs and Cats: A Guide for Pet Owners and Professionals won two Best Book awards, including a Maxwell Award from the American Dog Writers Association for Best Book. He is currently a member of both the Dog & Cat Writers Association.

Dr. Melman has cared for Presidents’ dogs. He discovered a vaccine to protect the world’s dogs from the devastation of parvovirus. While teaching at the University of Illinois, Dr. Melman was a primary researcher in exposing the toxicity of Blockade, a Hartz Mountain insecticide that was killing cats and dogs. He discovered how to use psychotropic drugs such as Prozac in pets to treat various behavioral and dermatological conditions. He is a regularly quoted expert in the pet and veterinary industry and his research and products have been featured in major news media including Newsweek, CNN Headline News, and Good Morning America, among others.

He was born and raised in Washington DC, where he also raised both of his daughters. He currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida and is the proud grandfather to 2 grandsons, Samuel and Cade, and a granddaughter, Leia.

Contact Dr. Melman directly at: dermazoo@aol.com

Jessica Melman Bhatia, VMD, Director of Veterinary & Technical Services

Dr. Melman is the owner of Bespoke Veterinary Services, which provides exceptional in-home veterinary services and more in Connecticut.

Contact Dr. Jessica Melman Bhatia at bespokevetservice.com