Earigator: Using DermaFlush

In order to effectively clean ears, the OtoPet-USA Earigator may be used for lavage and suction of the ear canal to clean and remove debris along with DermaFlush, which is a saline crystal packet that when added to water creates a saline solution which can be used anywhere a saline flush may be beneficial, including ears, sinuses, wounds and external surgery.

DermaFlush saline is soothing, preservative and iodine free, pH balanced, gentle and non-irritating. Saline may act as an osmotic agent helping to reduce edema in cases of otitis and is safe to use in an ear flush when a ruptured tympanic membrane may be present.

Patients should be placed under general anesthesia, which is required for a through otic flushing. An endotracheal tube should also be placed, and patients should be positioned in lateral recumbency. Once the patient is under anesthesia, the external ear canal may be soaked for 10 minutes with a ceruminolytic ear cleaner if needed. The ear is then flushed using the Earigator and a warm isotonic saline made with DermaFlush. Once the ear is clean, the ear canal and tympanic membrane should be visualized. The Otopet-USA Video Vetscope may be used for this visualization.

Here are instructions on how to use the Earigator with a warm saline solution made with DermaFlush. To use the Earigator, make sure the unit is initially powered OFF. Unscrew the irrigation bottle and fill it with 500 mL of a warm saline solution made with DermaFlush. To make an isotonic saline solution, 1/2 of a DermaFlush packet may be added to 500 mL of warm water. The bottle should then be replaced in the pocket, screwing it firmly into the cap, and the desired irrigation tip should be installed on the hand piece fitting. The unit may then be powered ON. Adjust the irrigation pressure to between 5 and 15 PSI by pulling out the regulator knob or pulling out the red locking ring (depending on your model), and turning it clockwise for more pressure or counter-clockwise for less. Note that the regulator should be reduced below the set pressure and increased slowly to achieve the desired setting. Press and hold the BLUE button to discharge the DermaFlush solution. Press and hold the WHITE button to suction the solution back. You may adjust irrigation and suction pressures to suit your tip size and preferences.