Pyoderma and Gly4Chlor Shampoo
November 2014

A middle age female spayed Cocker Spaniel presented for crusty and smelly skin. She was also pruritic according to the owner. On exam, she had generalized crusts along her trunk and was malodorous. A skin scrape was negative and cytology revealed cocci with no yeast or rods. She was diagnosed with pyoderma.

She was placed on the antibiotic Simplicef as well as twice weekly baths with DermaZoo’s Gly4Chlor Shampoo for 3 weeks duration. This shampoo was picked for Glycolic Acid’s keratolytic effects to remove the generalized crusts along with Chlorhexidine’s antimicrobial properties to treat the bacteria topically once the crusty (hyperkeratotic lesions) were exfoliated. She was also placed on the antihistamine Benadryl twice daily for her pruritus.

Gly4Chlor Shampoo aids in the topical treatment of conditions responsive to a broad spectrum shampoo with the rejuvenating benefits of Glycolic Acid and antimicrobial benefits of Chlorhexidine.

Gly4Chlor Shampoo with 1% Glycolic Acid, 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Ceramides is a potent antimicrobial. Chlorhexidine has proven effects against gram-positive and gram-negative organisms. When combined with Glycolic Acid’s keratolytic effects, Chlorhexidine can get past dead skin cells to the target skin site and work. Ceramides in this shampoo also aid in restoring moisture to dry and damaged skin.

At re-check 3 weeks later, she was only mildly pruritic and her pyoderma and crusting was resolved. Blood work was also performed and all within normal limits including her thyroid level. She was placed on DermaZoo’s EpaZoo Omega 3 Liquid and Benadryl twice daily as needed.